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An artist said this recently: “Science always pushes for a rational explanation for our world, but eschews the notion that there may be two or more opposing ideas that could equally stand up to scrutiny, forcing us to choose and defend one idea over the rest. Art, on the other hand allows for —and even encourages—the clash and irresolution of conflicting thoughts, but often falls short of providing answers that exist in a greater context.

My view on this:

But, true scientists cannot tolerate cognitive dissonance ( science doesn't allow for the holding of two contradictory positions). They must choose the facts and stick to them. Should we cater to peoples' archaic or ancient views to maintain our friendships and relationships or to get into the good books of people who judge us? Can we be dishonest? Can we avoid the topic totally and allow delusions to flourish?

There can never be two opposing facts in a given set of conditions! When things are put to scrutiny, all weak ideas that don't follow Nature's rules and conditions have to be discarded.  Only things that tally with the laws have to be accepted. Can't you understand that?

You have to accept the reality, no matter what your belief system says or how closely you are associated with the idea. You cannot escape it, no matter how well you try it and live in a pseudo-world. Therefore, scientists are realists unlike artists. Get this very clear!

He also says...''Science and art, working together, can be used to celebrate both thesis and antithesis, and bring them into a kind of harmony where different answers do not create incongruity but instead facilitate innovation. In using both science and art, people can think about the world as a complex web where each fiber—no matter how far apart they may seem—help tie and strengthen the whole structure together.”

My view:

Let us understand the differences clearly first. And why people belonging to different fields approach things differently. It is extremely difficult for us - when once we find a fact and reality - to go to the realm of pseudo-world and ideas that don't fit into reality. The beauty of truth will never allow you to go back to the ugly falsehood. A mind that is broadened by knowledge can never go back to its original and  narrow size again! If you don't try to understand this and try to criticize us for not co-operating, it will become extremely difficult for us to work with artists.

As long as you don't ask us to compromise on scientific principles, it is okay for us to collaborate with you. Don't try to cross this red line artists.

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, understand in the right way, accept, and celebrate those differences. 

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