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Q: When did scientific method replace the common everyday superstitions that people had?  

Krishna: It did?! Not according to statistics. Majority of the people still have and follow irrational beliefs! You can include a part of the scientific community too to that majority segment!

Only if you are good at critical thinking, have the courage to go against the tide and fears, adopt scientific reasoning that stays with you 24X365X80, you can get rid of superstitions. How many people can do this?

Very few! This world is still irrational, man!

Q: Superstitions: what are the mis-beliefs or superstitious thoughts that are common in practice, but have proper scientific reason behind that?  

Krishna: None! Yes, superstitions are irrational beliefs and science doesn’t support them. If anybody says it does and gives strange explanations, they are going the path of pseudo-science. Period!

Q: What type of superstitions does India have? How does one stop following such misbeliefs?  

Krishna: Lots of them. How does one stop following such irrational things?

We are helping people in doing so. Like this…

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Q: Why would you see dragonflies after a loved one dies?  

Krishna: It just is a co-incidence!

If you happen to be in a place where they have a home! Like water bodies. If you happen to be at the right time - usually spring, summer and rainy seasons. If you happen to tread in the arena of the right species for the place. If you happen to visit their home at the feeding time of a large swarm.

Usually in India cremation grounds are located near water bodies. So you naturally encounter lots of dragon flies in the place. There is no connection between death and dragon fly visit!

If you think there is a connection, it just is a superstition!

Q: What is the difference between a coincidence and luck?

Krishna: The difference lies in your thought process, perception and interpretation of a situation. If your perception says the co-incidence favours you, you feel it is good luck, if it doesn’t, you interpret it as bad luck. 

Q: Why shouldn't sweeping & mopping be done at night? Is there any scientific reason behind the superstition?  

Krishna: You can do these things whenever you want and find time to do them in today’s world like I do. I never follow these superstitions and do whatever I feel like doing whenever I want. That doesn’t effect me in any way! 

Q: Do early morning dreams come true? What is the science behind it?


Very rarely and it just is a co-incidence if they do and your strange interpretation of things happening around.

Oh, yes, you can dream several things and work hard to make them true!  That is the science behind it :)

Q: What are the real dangers of superstitions?


Several. People harm themselves, people around and the societies they live in with their irrational beliefs. Like this…

Bathinda shocker: Woman kills grandchildren in bid to ward off evil spirits

Parents allow exorcist to kill daughter, rape body. Wanted to appease god for gold

How To Get a Vaccine Religious Exemption

Baby death: Parents convicted over vegetable milk diet:

Women throws coins into engine of a plane for good luck and safe journey but in fact endangering the lives of people on board!

Endangering others ‘ lives: Superstitions don't have any science behind them!

Q: Is it possible to explain my bad luck with a science point of view?  

Krishna: There isn’t anything called luck. It is just your perception about a situation.

When several factors decide outcomes, they follow the interplay of scientific rules and routes and exactly fit into the reaction realities. You have to register this in your mind to come out of the misery you are in. Watch it coolly and try to understand it. How a person survives a health condition or a catastrophe depends on the sum total outcomes of scientific factors occurring simultaneously. Other outside things have no effect whatsoever on it. Any connections you make between rituals/superstitions and the outcomes depend on your perceptions and experiences. A positive outcome either to you or others makes you stick with them. A negative result will make you attack them. But the net result doesn't depend on anything that is not related to it! And these unrelated factors are your beliefs, rituals, superstitions and myths.

Failures might occur in life. When they do, you should revisit your problem, analyse it thoroughly in an enlightened way and think you haven't found a proper solution to it yet and that's why you couldn't overcome it, then try to get one, increase your efficiency of the effort, plug the loopholes and go after it with all your might to defeat it.

Science's rules are unyielding, they will not be bent in any way fo...

Q: Is breaking a mangalsutra a bad omen? I broke mine today, and I am very worried.

Krishna: This is what happens when superstitions condition your mind.

But don’t worry. There isn’t anything called a bad or good omen. It just is your interpretation of a situation you are in and when your mind loses control over the thinking process because of the fear brought by cultural conditioning of your mind, it becomes irrational.

Read these articles: They will make your mind stronger

Science's rules are unyielding, they will not be bent in any way fo...

Science and superstitions : How rational thinking can make you work...

Q: Can an envious curse and bad wish from heart of evil person really cause bad luck or injury?  

Krishna: No, it doesn’t! Nobody has the power to do that. If any person can do that to you, you too can put an obstacle in its path to tackle it with your mind power!

Both look good in stories written centuries back. In reality, there is no chance of them occurring. So, don’t worry. 

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