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I am doing research to write a white paper for the Leonardo SEAD science- art journal and network titled "Science-art interactions in Asia with particular reference to India ". My abstract has already been accepted and I got the go ahead to do research and write the paper.
You can read the abstract of the paper here:
As you might already know science-art is the most happening thing in North America, Europe and Australia now. But you don't see many artists experimenting with it in Asia.
I have done a lot of research on the subject but still want to hear from all of you as people working on the ground can give me  first hand information.
I request all my Asian artist and art curator friends to let me know their experiences in the field of art, provide information on art market dynamics and mechanisms in their regions.
Also please let me know your opinions on why science as a subject is not being taken up by the artists as a theme to do art works in your region. I want to know what your roadblocks, reservations and difficulties are in dealing with science art.
This paper will help improve the situation with regard to science-art as big players in the science-art arena in the world are interested to know what the causes are for this dismal performance of science based art in Asia to take steps to rectify the situation.
I request all my Asian artist friends to come forward and express their opinions freely.
If possible please add your comments on the abstract page of the Leonardo sead network too.
If members from other parts of the world want to comment, they are welcome to do so with their observations on the situation here.
Thank you

Now you can read the full paper here:

You can also read the analysis of all white papers here:

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Congratulations Dr. Krishna.

I don't know why we don't deal with science themes in India. Science is really an  interesting subject but difficult to deal with. After reading your articles on the process of creating science based art,   I felt we have to work hard to understand it first. That is what we artists are not good at. 1. We are not smart :)

Then co-relating science and art is another difficult aspect. After dealing with these two difficult steps, we have to go to the actual work of creating art. Isn't just painting a landscape more easier than this?  2. We are lazy people :) We cannot work  hard! 

After doing all this hard work we are not sure whether or not anybody would buy our science  art works. Why take the risk? 3. We are timid too :)

We are conditioned to think that religious, cultural, emotional and natural surroundings are the good subjects to create art. 4. We are orthodox :)

I am inspired by your work but I can only admire you,  not follow you. 5. We are not natural geniuses :)

We have to make a living. Science-art doesn't guarantee this. 6. We are sceptics :)

I will think more excuses and get back to this discussion.

Wishing you all the best


I agree with Vijetha. Science is for the Geeks. We are humble artists.

We cannot be like you, but  fully support your endeavour, Dr. Krishna.  Heart felt congratulations from me too. 


Congrats to you, Madam.

The main problem is we cannot have shows here. Gallery walas neither accept science-art for the shows nor represent the artists who are into sci-art. We have to go to the West to show our work. We cannot afford them. You know what it costs to have shows in the West, Madam. You did do some shows there.  The value of Rupee  is going down and down. My brother who is studying in Europe gets just peanuts when my dad sends him Rs. 100000 once every two months!

Will the galleries in the West represent us? Definitely not! Will the sponsors in India or the West sponsor our shows? Definitely not! At least will the people in India or the West buy our work? Definitely not!

So what is the use of creating science-art?   Artists in the developing countries cannot have fun like the ones in the developed West. We are not Damien Hirsts to pickle butterflies and animals! Realize this truth.

Another feather in your cap, Krishna.

Like the artists who gave replies before me, you can afford these things, not the artists in Asia.

There are Husains, Guptas, Santhoshs, Wei Weis who can experiment with science here. But will they ever come out of their traditional cocoons? Do they understand science in the way it should be done to create art from it?  Suggest sci-art to them and see what happens!

Good luck to you.

I believe your concern, to develop science topics

  and art as being of major importance

You insist passionately the ideas that are sure contributions to culture

universal, despite some areas dominated by private specialists

they are trained and that the contest that you promote it.

Developing the science and art theme is based on your

values accumulated millennia Indian culture such as:

  the truth value, the good value the beauty and value.

Of course today must recognize that wherever we find

the science must participate in the development of these values with others

that we could highlight.

  These values are found in university culture but senses that fall

from the Indian perspective are related to specific education.

I think that other people who have not received Indian education,

  have feelings of social meanings of these values, and contribute to their support.

They are contained in Indian aesthetics to be associated with other values

  to be the attention of aesthetic thinkers for additions to the chapters:

disinterested interest, as sensory art experience, art knowledge dependent and others.

Liviu Iliescu

Correction: These values are found in universal culture ….

I wish you all the best Dr. Krishna.

To tell you the truth I find it difficult to know what science art is...Science has many facets. and art looks like it has many facets but doesn't . I love electronic pictures of cells for instance, but is it art science? If the scientist is an artist, the pictures will be well cut and centered...I know of art with lights, sounds. When you are an artist, you like to innovate, to create something different...and different things.Most of times it is difficult to find an exhibition place least. Here, almost everyone is an artist. We have so many people without a job, that the one who aren't sinking in alcohol and drugs are becoming artists...what else to do? I am lucky, I didn't go to art school. I didn't learn to paint like this man or that one (never a woman...), but I am an artist, following her own path. I like the idea of a living art frame, plants on paintings who grows...painting with evolving materials. I have a BSc. in Animal sciences. A little step towards Sciences. Am a registered artist since 2006, but have been drawing, photographying and making all my life.  

We don't get to see science art here in India and Asia. When there is no art, naturally there won't be any information on it. This indeed is an interesting attempt not only to provide the details but also to take the sickman to the doctors. Let us see how the doctors can help the ailing man. Look forward to reading the full paper.
Heart felt congratulations and best wishes

Thank you so much to all the members who added their interesting replies. Some members gave private replies. Each and every opinion counts and will be taken into consideration.

I think that there is no need to put a stress on science art and non-science art, when you express your feelings in terms of images you are called an artist, an artist has his or her own preference for the objects he chooses to express, there is no limitation on the subjects, as long as your images strike a resonance from the viewers, an artist has achieved his goal.

Private reply:

Hello Dr. Krishna,

This is a real difficult subject, at least I have never noticed that there is science art scene in China,  the hot topic here is a theme on politics which have no interest for me at all. so I can't give you an idea.


The problem is we don't have any idea about science-art. How can we help you, Krishna?

I think first there should be a market for any type of art. If there is no market who will pursue it? Create a good market for science art and artists will flock labs to create it in no time. You are interested in this type of art because you are a scientist. You want to communicate science through art. You are not bothered about selling your work and making a living out of it. Artists don't have that luxury.

I have seen the science-art being 'created' around the world . I would rather use the word 'copied' than 'created'. They are like science illustrations - copied from text books and specimens - not like true art. You yourself have said this in some of your articles. Artists don't understand science to be able to connect it with art like you do. CCMB tried artists residency programmes. Not one artist visited the institution created science art. There should be a course to teach how artists should go about creating science based art. Artists in Asia are creating works the digital way because there are courses on how to do it.  Why don't you start some courses in India to teach science art?

I also think regionalism,  both in our country and on the world stage, is one of the obstructions in an artist's career. I don't want to name anybody here. Last year I  applied for a media course and also to work in a media art project run by a school in another state. I was not taken by the project leaders despite having good grades in my academic career. While I was wondering why, I came to know that they prefer people from their own state and don't take students and artists from other states. People promote people from their own regions, states, countries, and those who speak their mother tongue. They refuse to interact with "others". In our country if you are 'foreign-educated' you will be given preference.  This school proudly presents 'foreign-educated and trained'   students and faculty members on its websites. I will send a private message with links to its websites and you can check this yourself, Krishna. They don't take Indian-educated artists. Do we ever get a chance  to learn or take part in science and technology art and projects related to them?

Krishna,  show  solutions to these problems and we will show the world we too can do science-art.




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