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Q: Is black magic real in India as several people experience it?
Krishna : Several people are writing to me on this aspect asking several Qs on the topic and also seeking my help. I have already answered several Qs on them earlier, removing myths, baseless beliefs, fears etc. I again want to stress this.

There really isn’t anything called real black magic, according to science. People are spreading superstitions here.

We are actually a bunch of ignorant people despite studying in schools, colleges and universities.

Pseudoscience by definition is a belief, claim, or practice that is demonstrated as scientific but does not fall under the heading science. Lacking support and evidence makes pseudoscience not considered to be science as it is not valid under the scientific method. Beliefs, certain cultural, and traditional practices can be considered pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is often vague, exaggerated and lacks the ability of evaluation. Good science on the other hand, is one that follows the scientific method checklist. Good science could be measured, tested, evidence based and therefore it is valid and reliable.

While good science works with facts, pseudoscience works with opinion. Good science is always peer reviewed prior publication, while pseudoscience is almost never checked and is simultaneously published for the public. Pseudoscience is false science that with acquired skills makes the public fall for it and start believing in it as it targets one’s emotions and needs.

Black magic works only on mentally weak people, not because it actually works but because it affects their psychology. When you think it is working, you get scared, worried, get depressed and think everything negative happening in your life is because of it.

If somebody can control your mind and life like that it is because you showed them your weaknesses and vulnerability. Fear, uncertainty, greed and jealousy and of course ignorance are these deficiencies in your mental make up.

Just a few mantras, lemon and chilies or some kumkum and haldi or a doll or a few neem leaves cannot do any harm to anybody. A person who cannot control his own destiny cannot do any harm to others. No person has such supernatural powers as to cause harm to others just by wishful thinking. Realize that. Then nothing or nobody can effect you.

The  nocebo effect has been seen in clinical trials. The opposite of the placebo effect, the nocebo effect can cause patients to develop symptoms when told they may be a side-effect of a possibly harmless drug. This may explain how a curse could have a real effect.

Some people try to earn money by cheating people and telling them they can do black magic on others. If you are a sucker, you believe them.

Science doesn’t accept black magic because there is no such thing actually. It just is a superstition. Your baseless belief that is effecting you mentally because you are not strong. So stop believing in it if you don't want it to work psychologically.

A challenge: Black magic, no matter who resorts to it, cannot effect me in any way. Why? Because I know it doesn't work and therefore I am not at all worried. It doesn't effect me psychologically. Nobody, literally nobody, can do black magic to me.

Never has an empirical scientific discovery been deemed wrong and replaced by a more convincing mystical explanation or a misconception. On the contrary science replaced myths, mystics, mythologies, magic, mysteries and misconceptions.

Science is the most accurate understanding of the universe. If it found and says black magic is a superstition, it has evidence in this regard.

Black magic doesn’t work in reality/ It just is your perception that it works based on your culturally conditioned mind. Period.
Q: After reading the above answer of mine, a person sent me this message:
Ma'am, but what if I want to help my friends who strongly believe in these type of stuff due to various incident happened in their lives. I really need your help they are in great trouble and so much scared of that (a person told them they that I know black magic and I can destroy you so do what I want)pls help me to understand this -knowledge is the only path to clear misunderstandings
Krishna: Okay, I will definitely help. Tell me about the incidents. I will analyse and tell you why they actually happened.
Two months back a person came to me and showed some photos on his cell phone. He told me his sister’s clothes (Shalwar Kameej, Pyjamas etc.) started behaving strangely because somebody did black magic to her. It seems one leg of all her dresses became short! I asked him to get the actual dresses and show them to me not the pictures. His sister refused to send them. Why? Because she herself folded them in such a way that one leg looked shorter than the other one and took pictures of them to fool people around! Just to gain some pity and benefits!
People cannot fool us people of science. We analyse things thoroughly, confront people with evidence and explanations.
Nobody, literally nobody can do black magic to me because I am psychologically very strong and I can see complete pictures of everything with the help of science.
Nobody can do black magic to anyone without that person’s consent. And that consent is their mental weakness and fear.

Q: A message sent by another person read like this:  A lady when walking down some trees in the night gets a sudden fright as if a “ghost” had jumped into her. On returning home she narrates the incidence, but after an hour or so, she gets a high fever. No medicine can cure her, and she needs an exorcist. The exorcist does strange things on her like beating her with a broom if peacock features and some strange mantras after which she was cured. But until the exorcist is called in, she keeps shivering and speaks in Chinese or some strange language. What is this if not black magic, Dr. Krishna?

Krishna: Hmmm. Do you really want to know the truth? Then read my analysis ...

This lady got psychologically affected by stories about huge trees, ghosts, darkness and  the dark side of black magic. She got fever because of the fear she faced! The exorcist's 'cure' is also a psychological affect. She thought his strange doings removed the black magic and started behaving normally after the exorcist's visit!

It just is based on her vulnerable psychology. Nothing more to it! 

Q: Another message: 6 month back, some weird stuff started happening in my neighbour's house. A 11th class student  was haunted in her dreams, for a couple of days. What she told us was there 's some man, really tall who haunts her in her dreams.
No one took it much seriously. A week later, at night, around 11, she literally turned into something strange. Her eyes well totally white. Her body made some colour changes, Her voice changed drastically. I guess you can imagine what I am saying. 
There was some spirit inside her body. Somebody did black magic to her.

Krishna: Nobody did black magic to her. She has some mental issues. They are reflecting in her dreams. The fear is gripping her and resulting in somatic changes too. Please ask her to consult a psychiatrist immediately.

Q: My sister-in-law and her family members are accusing me of doing black magic to them. No matter how much I tried to convince them that I cannot do such things, they simply refuse to listen to me. I am getting mad over this. What do I do?

Krishna: Your sister-in-law and her family members need some counselling.

Yes, I can understand their situation too. They are under some stress because of something bad happening to them frequently*. This is because of losing control over their lives and situations they are in. They can't think properly and analyse things correctly because of superstitions and fears they have. People around too plant strange stories to enhance their suspicion. In such circumstances, they usually think people they don't like are doing all that to them with black magic. Fake witches and babas too spread fears by doing some rituals that people fear about. 

But there is no such thing as black magic in reality. It just is peoples' false perception. Bring your sister-in-law to my home. I will explain things to her and try my best to convince her that she 's under a false perception. And I will also explain her how she can improve her conditions herself, instead of blaming others for her own inadequacies.

(*like infections, fevers, and other health conditions because of their ignorance or carelessness or loss of money because of mismanagement and inadequate planning ) .

Q: What is the meaning of the mixture of a white maize mustered and red chili in black magic

Krishna: There is no actual meaning because there is no evidence of black magic in the first place according to science.

But if you want to imagine something, you can give as many interpretations as possible.

Q: What if you see a ghost in your wife?

You must consult a medical doctor immediately if you see a ghost in your wife. Because you are imagining things, hallucinating things which are signs of mental conditions.

There is no genuine evidence of ghosts according to science. Therefore anything you say about such things come under ‘delusions’.

Q: Can I get a lost love back using black magic?

Krishna: If you think you can  get your love back with black magic, you are under a delusion and falling prey to cheats like the one you gave me the example of by providing the link to  a dubious site.

Try genuine methods, not dubious, shady ones, to win your love back. 

There is no such thing called black magic. You can never win any body's love with it. Period.

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