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Q: In recent times people are trying to malign scientists and your efforts to educate people about pseudo-science by saying 'scientists put a few things they don't understand under the heading pseudo-science'. How do you want to deal with this campaign to undermine you?

Krishna: :) Well. Do these people first understand what they are saying and dealing with? Do they understand science in the first place?

We brought a few things before them. We are trying to counter them. Can they answer our questions? Okay, we clearly stated why Astrology is pseudo-science:  Why Astrology is pseudo-science

Till now not even a single person could counter it and tell me it is not correct! Instead they tried to threaten me and asked me to delete this article of mine! Some even suggested astrology should not be seen through the lense of science! 

We have a space on Quora completely dedicated to counter pseudo-science:

We tell people why some things people say is science is not genuine science. Except for attacking us and calling us names, none could counter us till date in the right way.

We very well understand what we talk. We very well understand what science is . 

We very well understand the real intent of promoting pseudo-science by some vested interests. 

If they really have a point, let them deal with us directly and in a right way. 

Mere attacks, threats, and hoodwinking people using such silly tactics only tell us they are afraid of us and our efforts to educate people and remove them from harm's way. It tells us we are winning and they are afraid of losing.

Pseudo-science is not what scientists don't understand. Pseudo-science is the one that doesn't abide by scientific method to arrive at a conclusion. Pseudo-science is twisting science to suit and support your belief. 

pseudoscience is something which pretends to be a science, but does not play by the same rules. It (attempts to) answers questions which can be answered using the scientific method (does homeopathy work?) but doesn't use it - instead it relies on anecdotal evidence, abuse of statistics and just plain hand waving. A pseudoscience also uses sciency sounding words to obfuscate the fact that the message has no actual content.

Krishna: Pseudoscience is running parallel to science in India. We, the people of scientific community, are fighting it like hell, day in and day out. We even have a group here on Quora itself that educates people and explains why something is pseudo-science.

Countering pseudoscience

I myself wrote several articles on pseudo-science. if you want you can read them by clicking on these links and please share them with others too if you really are interested in stopping pseudo-science from spreading:

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There are many more on my network.

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