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     THIS  IS A WAR ZONE WHERE SCIENCE FIGHTS WITH NONSENSE AND WINS                                               

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”             

                    "Being a scientist is a state of mind, not a profession!"

"Knowledge is a Superpower but the irony is you cannot get enough of it with ever increasing data base unless you try to keep up with it constantly and in the right way!" The best education comes from learning from people who know what they are exactly talking about.

Science is this glorious adventure into the unknown, the opportunity to discover things that nobody knew before. And that’s just an experience that’s not to be missed. But it’s also a motivated effort to try to help humankind. And maybe that’s just by increasing human knowledge—because that’s a way to make us a nobler species.

If you are scientifically literate the world looks very different to you.

We do science and science communication not because they are easy but because they are difficult!

There are about 452 articles posted here. Links to some important articles :

1. Interactive science series...

a. how-to-do-research-and-write-research-papers-part 13

b. Some Qs peopel asked me on science and my replies to them...

Part 6part-10part-11part-12, part 14  ,  part- 8

part- 1part-2part-4part-5part-16part-17part-18 , part-19 , part-20

part-21 , part-22part-23part-24part-25part-26part-27 , part-28



Part 48 part49Critical thinking -part 50 , part -51part-52part-53


part 64, part-65part-66part-67part-68part 69part-70 part-71part-73 ...


BP variations during pregnancy part-72

who is responsible for the gender of  thier children - a man or a woman -part-56

c. some-questions-people-asked-me-on-science-based-on-my-art-and-poems -part-7

d. science-s-rules-are-unyielding-they-will-not-be-bent-for-anybody-part-3-

e. debate-between-scientists-and-people-who-practice-and-propagate-pseudo-science - part -9

f. why astrology is pseudo-science part 15

g. How Science is demolishing patriarchal ideas - part-39

2. in-defence-of-mangalyaan-why-even-developing-countries-like-india need space research programmes

3. Science communication series:

a. science-communication - part 1

b. how-scienitsts-should-communicate-with-laymen - part 2

c. main-challenges-of-science-communication-and-how-to-overcome-them - part 3

d. the-importance-of-science-communication-through-art- part 4

e. why-science-communication-is-geting worse - part  5

f. why-science-journalism-is-not-taken-seriously-in-this-part-of-the-world - part 6

g. blogs-the-best-bet-to-communicate-science-by-scientists- part 7

h. why-it-is-difficult-for-scientists-to-debate-controversial-issues - part 8

i. science-writers-and-communicators-where-are-you - part 9

j. shooting-the-messengers-for-a-different-reason-for-conveying-the- part 10

k. why-is-science-journalism-different-from-other-forms-of-journalism - part 11

l.  golden-rules-of-science-communication- Part 12

m. science-writers-should-develop-a-broader-view-to-put-things-in-th - part 13

n. an-informed-patient-is-the-most-cooperative-one -part 14

o. the-risks-scientists-will-have-to-face-while-communicating-science - part 15

p. the-most-difficult-part-of-science-communication - part 16

q. clarity-on-who-you-are-writing-for-is-important-before-sitting-to write a science story - part 17

r. science-communicators-get-thick-skinned-to-communicate-science-without-any-bias - part 18

s. is-post-truth-another-name-for-science-communication-failure?

t. why-is-it-difficult-for-scientists-to-have-high-eqs

u. art-and-literature-as-effective-aids-in-science-communication-and teaching

v.some-qs-people-asked-me-on-science communication-and-my-replies-to-them

w. why-motivated-perception-influences-your-understanding-of-science

4. Health related topics:

a. why-antibiotic-resistance-is-increasing-and-how-scientists-are-tr

b. what-might-happen-when-you-take-lots-of-medicines

c. know-your-cesarean-facts-ladies

d. right-facts-about-menstruation

e. answer-to-the-question-why-on-big-c

f. how-scientists-are-identifying-new-preventive-measures-and-cures-

g. what-if-little-creatures-high-jack-your-brain-and-try-to-control-

h. who-knows-better?

i. mycotoxicoses

j. immunotherapy

k. can-rust-from-old-drinking-water-pipes-cause-health-problems

l. pvc-and-cpvc-pipes-should-not-be-used-for-drinking-water-supply

m. melioidosis


o. desensitization-and-transplant-success-story

p. do-you-think-the-medicines-you-are-taking-are-perfectly-alright-then revisit your position!

q. swine-flu-the-difficlulties-we-still-face-while-tackling-the-outb

r. dump-this-useless-information-into-a-garbage-bin-if-you-really-care about evidence based medicine

s. don-t-ignore-these-head-injuries

t. the-detoxification-scam

u. allergic- agony-caused-by-caterpillars-and-moths

General science: 


b. don-t-knock-down-your-own-life-line

c. the-most-menacing-animal-in-the-world

d. how-exo-planets-are-detected

e. the-importance-of-earth-s-magnetic-field

f. saving-tigers-from-extinction-is-still-a-travail

g. the-importance-of-snakes-in-our-eco-systems

h. understanding-reverse-osmosis

i. the-importance-of-microbiomes

j. crispr-cas9-gene-editing-technique-a-boon-to-fixing-defective-gen

k. biomimicry-a-solution-to-some-of-our-problems

5. the-dilemmas-scientists-face

6. why-we-get-contradictory-reports-in-science

7. be-alert-pseudo-science-and-anti-science-are-on-prowl

8. science-will-answer-your-questions-and-solve-your-problems

9. how-science-debunks-baseless-beliefs

10. climate-science-and-its-relevance

11. the-road-to-a-healthy-life

12. relative-truth-about-gm-crops-and-foods

13. intuition-based-work-is-bad-science

14. how-science-explains-near-death-experiences

15. just-studies-are-different-from-thorough-scientific-research

16. lab-scientists-versus-internet-scientists

17. can-you-challenge-science?

18. the-myth-of-ritual-working

20. comets-are-not-harmful-or-bad-omens-so-enjoy-the-clestial-shows

21. explanation-of-mysterious-lights-during-earthquakes

22. science-can-tell-what-constitutes-the-beauty-of-a-rose

23. what-lessons-can-science-learn-from-tragedies-like-these

24. the-specific-traits-of-a-scientific-mind

25. science-and-the-paranormal

26. are-these-inventions-and-discoveries-really-accidental-and-intuitive like the journalists say?

27. how-the-brain-of-a-polymath-copes-with-all-the-things-it-does

28. how-to-make-scientific-research-in-india-a-success-story

29. getting-rid-of-plastic-the-natural-way

30. why-some-interesting-things-happen-in-nature

31. real-life-stories-that-proves-how-science-helps-you

32. Science and trust series:

a. how-to-trust-science-stories-a-guide-for-common-man

b. trust-in-science-what-makes-people-waver

c. standing-up-for-science-showing-reasons-why-science-should-be-trusted

You will find the entire list of discussions here:

( Please go through the comments section below to find reports/research results relating to science reported on a daily basis and watch videos based on science)

Get interactive...

Please contact us if you want us to add any information or scientific explanation on any topic that interests you. We will try our level best to give you the right information.

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I have added about 500 articles written by me alone in this group. Now let me bring articles and answers written/given by other experts  too.This one is on pseudo-science ...Q: There are many…Continue

Some videos on Corona virus

Started by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa. Last reply by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa yesterday. 1 Reply

Everything you need to know about COVID 19 ... explained in simple terms ... Video: Coronavirus Vaccine: Where are we and what's next? How soap disintegrates the virus How to stop touching your…Continue

What is an infectious dose of viral particles?

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Q: Dr. Krishna, can one or two viral particles cause an infection?Krishna: That  depends.The average number of viral particles needed to establish an infection is known as the infectious dose.The…Continue

Soul?! What is it according to science and scientists?

Started by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa. Last reply by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Friday. 4 Replies

I am getting several messages from people who read some of my articles on 'after life', 'near death experiences' and other related articles and my replies here to some Qs people asked me to explain…Continue

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Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Wednesday

Blood test detects wide range of cancers, available to at risk individuals in clinical study


Mystery solved: The origin of the colors in the first color photographs


Phage capsid against influenza: Perfectly fitting inhibitor prevents viral infection


New explanation for sudden collapses of heat in plasmas can help create fusion energy on Earth


Quantum-entangled light from a vibrating membrane

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List of science communicators in India:


Here's Why Herd Immunity Won't Save Us From The COVID-19 Pandemic


Robots, smart helmets deployed in coronavirus fight


Physicists weigh in on the origin of heavy elements


New method predicts which black holes escape their galaxies


Biochemists trap and visualize an enzyme as it becomes active

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Peer Review: Publishing in the time of COVID-19


Coronavirus vaccine: here are the steps it will need to go through during development


Coronavirus: once you have antibodies, are you safe?



Bonding with baby: what it should feel like and how long it may take


How are the most serious COVID-19 cases treated, and does the coronavirus cause lasting damage?

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Tuesday

Rare ozone hole opens over Arctic — and it’s big

Cold temperatures and a strong polar vortex allowed chemicals to gnaw away at the protective ozone layer in the north.


Don't complain: The COVID-19 pandemic could have infected 90% of the world’s population and killed 40.6 million peop... to combat it.




How sick will the coronavirus make you? The answer may be in your genes

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Tuesday

Intravenous sodium nitrite ineffective for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest



Evidence-based resources for health professionals and health organisations $$


More information: Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology DOI: 10.1016/j.critrevonec.2020.102881

The pros and cons of radiotherapy: Will it work for you?

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Tuesday

Extreme, high temperatures may double or triple heart-related deaths

When temperatures reach extremes of an average daily temperature of 109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 C), the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease may double or triple. Researchers note that these findings raise concerns that traditionally hot regions may be especially vulnerable to heat-related cardiovascular deaths, according to new research published today in Circulation, the flagship journal of the American Heart Association.

Compared to the number of deaths on days with the lowest mortality temperature (average daily temperature of 94.5 degrees Fahrenheit (35 C), when the fewest people died), when the 24-hour average temperature was extreme (109 degrees Fahrenheit (43 C) or higher), the investigators found:

  • Overall, a 3-times greater risk of dying from any cardiovascular cause;
  • Men were more affected by the extreme temperatures, experiencing a 3.5 times higher  rate;
  • The death rate among women was nearly 2.5 higher;
  • Working-age people (ages 15-64 years) had a death rate 3.8 times higher; and
  • The death rate was just over 2-times higher for people 65 and older.

To examine the effects of temperature on its own, the investigators adjusted for other  such as air pollution and humidity. Higher temperatures affected both genders and all ages differently.

When core body temperature increases, the human body tries to cool itself by shifting blood from the organs to underneath the skin. This shift causes the heart to pump more blood, putting it under significantly more stress. A collaborative group of cardiologists, environmental health specialists and epidemiologists hypothesized that increasing temperatures in hotter regions of the world could lead to increased CVD death due to extreme heat's effects on the body.

The study was limited by only having information on any cardiovascular cause of death, so it is not known whether any specific type of heart problem is more susceptible to the influence of extreme heat. Although the researchers found a strong association between extremely high temperatures and increased cardiovascular deaths, further research is needed to establish a cause and effect relationship.

More information: Barrak Alahmad et al, Cardiovascular Mortality and Exposure to Heat in an Inherently Hot Region: Implications for Climate Change, Circulation (2020). DOI: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.119.044860

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Tuesday

Enhancing cardiac repair effectiveness with in vivo priming strategy to train stem cells


Nerve finding unravels mystery about communication between the gut and brain


Advances in production of retinal cells for treating blindness


'Living drug factories' might treat diabetes and other diseases

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Tuesday

*Bouncy and durable rubber pavements could save thousands of lives, scientists say


How animals understand numbers influences their chance of survival


Researchers make first direct measurement of the physical force of invading cancer cells


New metabolism discovered in bacteria


New mechanism underlying organelle communication revealed in brown fat cells


How at risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane?


* Studying the mechanism for avian magnetic orientation

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on Tuesday

Heart attack on a chip: Scientists model conditions of ischemia on a microfluidic device


AI tool predicts which coronavirus patients get deadly 'wet lung'


*Social media fuels spread of COVID-19 information—and misinformation



How to fact check suspicious science stories for yourself

Plagued by misleading headlines? Go straight to the source.$$


Bouncy and durable rubber pavements could save thousands of lives, scientists say

Comment by Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa on March 29, 2020 at 8:47am

A Heart Attack? No, It Was the Coronavirus

Cardiologists are seeing infected patients whose worst symptoms are not respiratory, but cardiac.


Why the novel coronavirus became a social media nightmare

##Misinformation crime: In Iran, a fake remedy for COVID-19 infection of ingesting methanol has reportedly led to 300 deaths, and left many more sick.@@


Tree rings could pin down Thera volcano eruption date


Projecting the outcomes of people's lives with AI isn't so simple


Tiny optical cavity could make quantum networks possible

Engineers at Caltech have shown that atoms in optical cavities—tiny boxes for light—could be foundational to the creation of a quantum internet. 


Engineers 3-D print soft, rubbery brain implants


Researchers discover a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease


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