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April 2009 Blog Posts (7)

Cultural Fusion as Art Based Research

With the dismantling of community mental health system and the erosion of personal support networks new alternatives must be devised. Currently I am working cf House of Cards series with that forming a recurring imagery/concept to be confronted. In contrast to the typical approach of assuming only bureaucratic systems can explore and solve these challenges, Cultural Fusion is… Continue

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One more stupid science-art experiment

The Australian performance artist known as Stelarc wants to transform his body into a portal on the internet. The visitors to Exit Art, a gallery in Midtown Manhattan, are being treated to a video of Stelarc's left arm being cut up like a rare tenderloin to implant a Bluetooth-enabled artificial ear. Stelarc's video is one of more grisly highlights of "Corpus Extremus (LIFE+)" , an exhibit about the wonders & horrors of " Post Natural History" & the ways in which technology is blurring… Continue

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A shielding strategy against Negative Energies

Namaste' siblings,

Lately I felt many many negative attacks which i could send back as ping pong with the help of love and light.

The more we spread love the more darkness will try to cover us

The more light we spread, the more dark areas felt attacked.

And I have faced several of them but I was never be afraid

God made both designs

good and bad

light and darkness

good and bad

and we hold the key ... and we have the light ...May you be embraced by… Continue

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Ruth Padel - Poet of Science and Darwin's Great Great Granddaughter

Giving to a blind man eyesDarwin's descendant has evolved a new species of biography, says Richard Holmes

Richard Holmes The Guardian, Saturday 14 March 2009

Great apes - it's Charles Darwin's bicentenary. Among a number of remarkable tribute books (notably Darwin's Sacred Cause by Adrian Desmond and James Moore) and a fine Darwin exhibition currently running at the British Library, it is… Continue

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Interesting and somewhat scary article in Seed Magazine on Art from living Tissues

From Seed Magazine April 12 2009

Paola Antonelli of MOMA

Photographs on


Paola Antonelli is the senior curator of design and architecture at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and writes the DESIGN column on the interface of science and design.

Art and design cannot be told… Continue

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My response from International Artists Network discussion on art business problems

I only want to point out that in societies such as ours, the intrinsic commodity is really "need" .the need of artists to show work, the gallerists to have a product that is sellable or interestng. Members of the public, to own something beautiful, or chic, or something that will grow in value. A good gallerist has to be a good salesman/woman. Many gallerists are not good in sales. Many gallerists wind up getting artists, whose need is greater than others , to foot the bills and pay… Continue

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Why Sci-Art Lab was created

These are the reasons why Art Lab was created:

Lab is a place where great minds work.

People get relaxed & enjoy too in a lab.

This is where curiosity lives & the desire to find or invent something new thrives.

Lab is the abode of " Never-say-die " spirit.

All positive vibrations & light originating from this place lighten up the world.

This is where experimentation of all kinds takes place & re-search goes on.

Everything that is…


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