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Bioptical Art - Cabinet for visual psychotherapy


Composition of  Bioptical Art no different, at first sight,

 of the conventional compositions. Significant effects occur in

contemplation, with the device with mirrors.

But artistic value and effectiveness in communication depends on the talent and traditional training of the artist.

 I repeat these effects:


Psychophysical mixture of colors, retinal cooperation, antispace in art, spatial harmony, bispace in art, psychic…


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Bioptical Art ; visual sense and images

Bioptical Art ;  visual sense and images


In Chapter (link)

15. Psychical satiety in affectivity


 and in my blog

Bioptical Art : Psychical satiety in affectivity


 I defined vector as an attribute of life.

utility- need- satiety


 As an application (evidence) in the arts, I translate it by the…


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