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Bioptical Art : Psychical satiety in affectivity

Psychical satiety in affectivity

The Paired off Visual Signal   Liviu Iliescu



This item is added to my publication:

15. Psychical satiety in affectivity

I keep coming back to the main idea noting that a vector can be defined

that reported psycho-physiological to the structure of would have…


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Bioptical Art; The Sun Fountain.

The Sun Fountain.
I am pleased to impart to you some information on my activity in the field of fine arts, activity which resulted from my profession of specialist in optical  systems. 
 My works may lead to architectonic constructions where  optics holds an important role, especially by inducing restful sensations  due to images and sounds captured from the outer universe  (sun, moon, stars, sounds of the…

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Boptical Art; a possible continuum, literature and fine art?

I try the various additions to the documentation of my sites to stimulate questions from members of the group.

So I try the following examples to bring the amateur of Bioptical  Art specifics

Bioptical Painting, seen with naked eyes. appears as a conventional composition, but with a special correlation of  forms.

Mainly B.A. technique  are obtained  mostly perceptions primitive.

  This style, subjects (topics) resumption of artistic manners are…


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